“SuperHeros” A 48 Hour Film Project by Fish Eye Films

Check B-Jada in another Fish Eye Films Produced film entitled “SuperHeros” – A 48 Hour Film Project.


Bobby Savage as “Captain Curtis BadAss”
Jamie McFaden as “Hannah Trendetto”
James “B-Jada” Alexander as “X-Ray Jay”
John Carrasco as “Joe O’Kane”
Josh Malament as “Andy Larpman”
Gavin Quehlewin as “Young Curtis”
Erik Pierre as “Ninja NoGame”
Paul Staphorsius as “Super Sign Guy”
Praneal Narayan as “Dr. Mohinder Johnson”


Mike MalamentMad Editor
Kyle Castro – Super Producer
Luis “Mr. Fish” LeonSuper Sound Man
Christopher Ortiz – Graphicman
Ryan ReeserThe Great Grip
Tev Kuykendall – Visual-FX Hero

Story by Fish Eye Films
Post Production StudioFish.tv

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