Tracklist for B-Jada & LO. – “Pardon My Fresh LP😎”

Check out the tracklist for B-Jada & LO. – “Pardon My Fresh LP😎” and video to 1st single off the LP entitled “LOUD💨” below.
01) PMF Intro
02) WhatchuKnowAboutIt [Prod. by Jada Snax] [Additional Vocals by Jazume]
03) Suicide Squeeze [Prod. by Jada Snax]
04) LOUD [Prod. by Jada Snax]
05) Trippy Ft./The Flamez [Flow(YMCMB), Slim Boogie & Lazy Genius] [Prod. by Jada Snax]
06) Drunk [Interlude]
07) Drunk Ft./Hesto Denario & City Shawn [Prod. by Jada Snax] [Additional Prod. by King Cydal]
08) Geek Chain Ft./Jazume [Prod. by Lo Canseco] [Additional Prod. by Jada Snax]
09) 9 Milli [Prod. by Jada Snax]
10) Hit List [Prod. by Jada Snax]
11) Come Over [Interlude]
12) Room 304 Ft./Jazume & Rahman Jamal [Prod. by Lo Canseco]
13) Pardon My Fresh [Prod. by Lo Canseco]
14) Range Rover(Skit)
15) Thursty Ft./King Cydal [Prod. by Jada Snax]
16) Blind My Eyez [Prod. by Jada Snax]
17) Loved One [Prod. by Lo Canseco]
18) Dese Movements(Skit)
19) Go In [Prod. by Jada Snax]
20) Michelin Men Ft./Prophecy, Zelly Mack & MC Pat [Prod. by Lo Canseco]
21) Bad Bitches Wit Me [Prod. by Lo Canseco]
22) A 1000 Wayz [Prod. by Jada Snax]
23) Black Hoodie (***BONUS TRACK***) [Prod. by Lo Canseco]

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