“Goyim on the Roof”(Short Film/Movie/Musical)

Short Theatrical(Comedy/Musical) entitled “Goyim on the Roof
A Fish Eye Films Production

Starring Jefferson Bergey as Abraham Schmekle and Leslie Small as Tzeitel Goldberg

Additional Cast:

Judy Cerda as “Marilyn Parifano”
Josh Taub as “Pool Thug #1”
Havish Ravipati as “Bar Thug”
Britanny Pisoni as “Pool Thug #2”
James “B-Jada” Alexander as “Pool Thug #3”
John Carrasco as “The Bum”

Director/Co-Producer: Kyle Castro
Director of Photography: Natalie Newman
Editor/Co-Producer: Mike Malament
Associate Producer: Alonso A. Orellana
Executive Producer: Josh Malament
Songwriter: Jefferson Bergey
Screenplay: Ev Duran
Sound Engineer/Field Recorder: Luis “Mr.Fish” Leon
Graphics: Christopher Ortiz

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