Cover Artwork to ’82 To ’94 Mixtape & “Three Sixty Five”

So here’s the cover art to B-Jada & LO.‘s “82 To 94 Mixtape” and the cover art to the 1st single from ’82 To ’94 entitled “Three Sixty Five.” The “82/94” cover has a simple, old-fashioned look…a retro look and that’s not by accident. The letter texts are a representation of the years in which we were born(1982, 1994). Dave Seiler, the man behind the cover took the same text font from the 1982 movie “48 Hours” for the “B-Jada” text, took the same font from the 1994 film “Pulp Fiction” for the “LO.” text and combined them.

Here’s the cover art for ’82 To ’94’s 1st single “Three Sixty Five.”

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